An original idea, born out of an original need.

Entrepreneur Laura Jones needed somewhere to keep the office sweets and biscuits at work.

Labelling an old battered biscuit tin with the words “The Tin of Sin” she created something that would soon become legendary within offices, spa’s and hotels.

The Tin of Sin quickly became the centre of attention, fun, intrigue and of course; the odd vice. It soon, gained fans as people gravitated to this brilliantly simple concept, wanting their own version.

A concept was born....

From humble beginnings to a commercial success.

Anyone can re-label a battered old tin.

But when you have a tin professionally designed, stylishly branded, quality built and exquisitely packaged, you have a product designed to entice, appeal, and most importantly sell.

This is also a product designed to create momentum, as the nation embraces their naughtiness.

Everyone has their own indulgence, and The Tin of Sin can soon be found on Twitter and Facebook, tapping into the social networking scene. ’Tin of Sinners’, wherever they are, can then get together and confess their secrets and learn what others are using their tins for.  

Harmless fun, creating a buzz around The Tin of Sin.

Naughtiness is infectious, so let’s encourage this and enjoy it!

A story of growth.

The Original Tin of Sin has been developed in the UK not just as a product, but as a consumer brand with huge growth / diversification potential.

The concept has no known competitor in the UK so presents a new and unique product, thus enjoying a privileged position.

An iconic name, image and lively tone of voice are key to this product’s success and the brand will continue to be developed as we launch other products during 2017. Earth friendly, recyclable packaging, Corporate Social Responsibility and unrivalled service are all words associated with the brand.

The Tin of Sin brand will be launched strongly in the market place and will be well supported financially.

A quality product…

The Original Tin of Sin has been designed in the UK and manufactured in China giving excellent quality at a lower cost, enabling the product to be competitively priced.

For more details, and pricing information

The Tin of Sin is an ideal gift product to be filled with your recipient’s favourite treats.

Or maybe you are a boutique hotel, looking for unique room gifts with something special from your kitchen inside?

Maybe you are a sweet or cake-maker looking for gift presentation boxes for your treats?

Or maybe it is just for you - your own special place to keep your secret indulgence?

For more information about the Tin of Sin, please contact Laura on
07956 400 937